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Fortify Your Case in a Medical Lawsuit

RIH Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC will bridge the gap between the legal and medical profession to provide you with a competitive edge to be successful with your cases. We provide assistance to attorneys and establishments across the country with various legal disputes in the medical field.

Our clients include:

• Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys

• Healthcare Facilities

• Government Agencies

• Insurance Companies

• Private Corporations

• Other Legal Nurse Consultants 

Whether you are dealing with medical/nursing malpractice, personal injury, product/pharmaceutical liability, worker's compensation, mass tort cases, or any case involving health or injury you can trust that we will apply years of knowledge and experience to help you. Our Legal Nurse Consultants work hard for the success of our clients by ensuring that we understand each of their needs.

Mission Statement

At RIH Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC our goal is to ensure appropriate interpretation of medical information, by having a qualified Legal Nurse Consultant assist attorneys and the legal community in understanding and interpreting the complexities of the healthcare industry. We provide a competitive edge to help attorneys win cases and save you time and money.

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